The oldest known registered breed of cattle. These animals have the look of old but qualities that no one can deny. Enjoy ease of calving, longevity, great tasting meat and of course just being something special to look out.

We have been raising Highlands for almost 20 years with no regrets. It is such a treat to lookout anytime of day and see our animals enjoying the fields and weather.

No matter what you are looking for a breeding animal, pasture pet or animal for harvest we will do what ever we can to help you.

We also have animals for sale by the half or whole from time to time. Our cows are grass fed and finished eating from our own grass fields or hay that we put up each year. We have chosen to do grass only for several reasons. First it is what cows are supposed to eat, but most important it is how you get the most flavor and health benefits out of beef. Enjoy lean flavorful steaks and burger. The closet thing available in the grocery store is Buffalo.