Whether you are looking for a piglet to raise for yourself or have us raise it for you all you have to do is ask. We have a limited number of pigs that we raise out each year as it is our goal to sell all piglets at weaning. If something does not sell then we will raise it till it fits the needs of a customer. So if you are planning a party and need a roaster pig or looking for a full grown to put in your freezer we can do it using a Non GMO pea and barley diet that i make on the farm. I use these grains rather than a corn soy diet for the quality of meat that it produces as well as peas and barley are locally sourced meaning we are buying local from the farmer or the grower.

We are currently using a Herford boar and breeding to Herford, Chester, Duroc/Berkshire and Herford/Berkshire sows.

Available Pigs

We have a farrowing schedule that works for us. What this means is that we have 1 or 2 litters the middle of October to mid November that can be raised for Spring fairs or early harvest before it gets hot. Our next farrowing is not until February with liters being born every couple of weeks thru June.